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The construction and use of rail mounted transfer cart


The construction and use of rail mounted transfer cart

Rail mounted transfer cart is a kind of electric railcar factory transportation vehicle. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity and less pollution. It is widely used in machine building and metallurgical plants, as the interior of the workshop to cooperate with cranes to transport heavy objects across.  electric flat cars have low height, strengthened table, easy modification and convenient maintenance.
Rail mounted transfer cart is a common vehicle for road transportation, because it is more convenient to load and unload large and heavy goods, and it can load more goods than other types of vehicles of the same specification, which is favored by the transport unit. In transportation vehicles, flatbed trucks are generally divided into two types, one is flatbed, and the other is high-low plate. The slab is generally 4 meters to 14 meters long, and the vehicle length above 14 meters is mostly a high-low plate.

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