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Intelligent 5 ton trackless transfer trailer function performance


Intelligent 5 ton trackless transfer trailer function performance

As the production of 5 ton trackless transfer trailer manufacturers to the majority of customers with the following suggestions. Are you still using a crane to transport large molds? If you do it in this way, you can't keep up with the times! Since the large-tonnage molds are transported by cranes, the danger is large, and it is very simple to slip. In order to reduce the risk, the track is laid down together, and 5 ton trackless transfer trailer came into being. The trackless transfer trailer can be built as a powered and unpowered trailer on demand.
The trackless transfer trailer is an electric transfer car that runs on the concrete floor or on the steel floor. It can make a safe turn with a double drive system and steering system. It can reach a capacity of 200 tons and can be combined with a crane to transfer materials or workpieces, controlled by a handle or wireless remote control. This series of flat cars can be customized to meet special needs.
The most intelligent function of trackless transfer trailer is reflected in the following aspects:
First of all, the flat car itself has safety equipment, which can intelligently detect people and things in front. When encountering pedestrians or obstacles, it will interrupt itself. The flat car equipment has an emergency stop button. In case of emergency, it can be interrupted immediately. The safety factor.
Secondly, the trackless electric flat car is equipped with a low-battery alarm device. When the power is reduced to 20%, the sound and light alarm on the mold transfer car will prompt the operator to charge. When the power is reduced to 15%, the flat car will automatically stop, but the car will automatically break, but can be manually started again. This intent is to prompt the worker to charge and prevent the battery from losing money.
In the end, the Henan Perfect trackless transfer trailer can be automatically powered off when it is not operated for 5 minutes to prevent workers from operating illegally. For example, when off duty or not operating for a long time, the trackless transfer trailer can automatically cut off power to reach the function of self-protection.

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