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35 ton trackless transporter can be made into models with different loads


35 ton trackless transporter can be made into models with different loads           

Perfect designed and customized 35 ton trackless transporter for a Shanghai mold company, which is mainly used to transport molded injection products as transport material vehicles.
35 ton trackless transporter has unlimited travel routes and can run on any concrete floor. This series of cars can be rotated 360°in situ. The transfer cart is equipped with safety warnings and safety detection devices. When a pedestrian or an obstacle is encountered, the car immediately alarms and stops automatically. It is equipped with a fully automatic intelligent charger. The trackless transfer vehicle can also be equipped with other auxiliary devices such as positioning devices, clamping devices, lifting platforms, etc. to meet the needs of different occasions. The main problem solved by 35 ton trackless transporter is to install an overload limit system on the flat car. If the flat car is overloaded, it will automatically alarm and the flat car will not start operation, in order to protect the safety of personnel, molds and the flat car itself.
This project has been delivered to users. When the equipment was checked and accepted on site, the electric flat car was overloaded with transportation experiments. During the acceptance process, it was well received by users. All leaders unanimously stated that the performance was excellent.

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