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How to protect the DC motor of 5 ton electric rail flat car correctly?


How to protect the DC motor of 5 ton electric rail flat car correctly?

An important accessory of a 5 ton electric rail flat car is its motor. The motor of an electric flat car determines the performance and grade of the 5 ton electric rail flat transfer cart. There are three common motors. At present, high-speed brushed + geared motors have good performance and are expensive. Low-speed brushed motors are cheaper, but the performance is worse. Brushless motors have extremely high requirements for the quality of the controller.
When using the motor, please pay attention to:
1. No-load start is not allowed
2.The cooling air should not contain explosive gas
3.The motor can work normally under the rated nominal voltage of 1.1 times to 0.75 times.
4. The larger working current of the motor is 3 times the rated current, and the allowable time is 1 minute. The output torque is 4.5 times the rated torque. The neutral position of the brush has been adjusted on the factory test bench. The user must not arbitrarily disassembly and adjustment.
Pay attention to the following when using the DC motor of rail electric flat car:
1. Check whether the armature rotates flexibly and whether there is false rubbing.
2.Check whether the connection of the motor outlet is correct and reliable
3. The brush should slide freely in the brush holder box. The pressure of the constant pressure spring that the brush bears should be normal. The running-in area of the brush should not be less than 80%. The brush life should be replaced as appropriate according to the wear of the brush.

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