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BDG Rail Material Carts Maintenance and Repair Points


BDG Rail Material Carts Maintenance and Repair Points

1) During the rail material carts use of the motor, it is necessary to regularly check the technical status of each component, and timely clean up dust, water, oil and iron filings that may enter the machine body and take preventive measures.
2) The air duct of the motor must be unobstructed, and no heat source should be placed around the motor. If problems are found, preventive measures should be taken in time.
3) Always pay attention to the abnormal sound of the bearing, overheating oil leakage and excessive axial and radial sway. If problems are found, they should be disposed of and the damaged bearings replaced in time.
4) Replace the grease once every six months under normal conditions. When replacing the grease, first clean the bearing with kerosene or gasoline, and then fill the grease chamber with two-thirds of the bearing chamber. Too much or too little is unfavorable.
5) The motor should be regularly inspected. Usually it is inspected once every three months and overhauled once a year. If the motor winding is burnt due to an accident, the reason for analysis should be dismantled in time. Usually, the winding is burnt out due to failure of the starting switch or short circuit of the capacitor; the main winding is burnt due to long-term overload or starting blockage. Replace the motor windings and eliminate the cause of the accident before re-use.

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