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Electric Rail Cart on Mounted Operation Guide


 Electric Rail Cart on Mounted Operation Guide

    Electric rail cart on mounted operation guide: electric rail cart (BTL) series, low-voltage rail electric rail cart (BDG) series, battery electric rail cart (BXC) series, and other products. They are adaptable and easy to operate., easy to maintain and so on.
    The Cable reel electric rail cart features a cable reel that uses a 380V three-phase power supply to directly supply power to the flat car. There are two ways to pick up the cable. One is the external force pick-up, that is, a small chain drive. The reel; the second is the self-retaining reed type, that is, it is automatically picked up by the internal elastic force. The following points should be noted when operating this series of flat cars.
    The tow cable should have a reliable fixing clip at the power supply end to fix the cable. On the ground or on the power cabinet, to avoid the danger caused by dragging the cable after the flat car is started. Check whether the power mechanism is abnormal before starting the car. Whether the gear oil is in place in the machine, whether grease is applied to the chain, and the car can be started after confirming that everything is correct. To use the flat car, first send the power of the ground power cabinet, and then put the electric control cabinet on the car. The power button is closed. At this time, the power indicator light indicates that the power supply normally enters the flat car.
    Before the electric rail cart on mounted, check whether there are any foreign objects on the track. If there are any obstacles such as people or other debris on the passage, run the rail mounted trolley after everything is normal. When loading the cargo, consider the load center of the rail trolley. It should be placed from the middle to the two ends. When unloading, the two ends should be unloaded first, and finally, the intermediate goods should be unloaded to ensure the stability of the flat car. Do not perform the reverse operation on the rail mounted cart. The flat car should be stabilized in one direction.
    After starting the electric rail cart on the mounted operation, change direction, otherwise, the electric rail cart's power mechanism will be damaged and damage the flat car. When the electric rail mounted cart is deactivated, the total power supply in front of the car control box should be disconnected. Then disconnect the power supply of the ground power cabinet, and put the control handle back into the control box. After using the electric rail cart for 2-3 months, check the grease on the gear oil and chain in the gearbox. If there is any reduction, it should be filled in place.

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