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Rail Mentor Transfer Cart Rail Mentor Transfer Cart Items and Content


Rail Mentor Transfer Cart Annual Inspection Items and Content

The purpose of rail mentor transfer cart is to check whether the basic condition of the electric flatbed is normal, expose and eliminate some hidden defects in the equipment, supervise the use of the unit to strengthen the safety management of the electric flat car, and provide inspection and inspection results for the safe use of the user. And put forward rectification opinions on the unqualified items. If the annual inspection is unqualified, it shall be rectified within a time limit. If it is still unqualified after rectification, it shall not be used continuously.
Rail mentor transfer cart inspection content: check metal structure, various power equipment, transmissions, safety devices, electrical equipment, whether it is intact, installation status and wear, and do static and static load test on electric track flat car. In the working mechanism part, it mainly inspects its parts and devices, the installation, connection and cooperation of various parts, the operation and lubrication of the mechanism; in the aspect of metal structure, it mainly checks the deformation, instability or corrosion of the stressed members, and the structure Connection and weld conditions, straightness of the track, parallelism, height difference of the joint, connection with the foundation, wear and defects of the track itself; in the electrical part, mainly check the performance and reliability of the electrical parts and electrical protection devices , grounding and grounding resistance, insulation and insulation resistance; in the safety protection inspection, it is mainly checked whether the safety mark is clear and meets the standard requirements.

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