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Rail flatcar manufacturer introduces you to the structure and principle application of BDG electric flatcar


Rail flatcar manufacturer introduces the frame system: the flatcar has a strong load-bearing capacity with an overload factor of 1:1.1; the frame of the electric flatcar ensures that it is not deformed under a large load. On the surface of the electric plate, the access hole is located above the motor of the reducer, and the strength of the access hole ensures that the load-bearing capacity is not affected; the lifting positions set on both sides of the frame facilitate the lifting of the flat car, and the lifting method is chosen from the unloading bolt.

The raw material of the wheel is ZG55, the raw material of the bearing housing is ZG35, the raw material of the shaft is 45#, and by tempering treatment, the bearing uses the products of Harbin Bearing Co. The spherical roller bearing seat is stuck on the positioning plate under the frame beam, each side is fixed with high strength bolts, and a rubber gasket is added between the positioning plate and the bearing seat to make the impact smooth. There is a proper clearance on one side of the wheel to bearing seat, which can make the bearing slightly swimming in the bearing seat, solve the error of elastic deformation of the frame and lateral parallelism of the track under no load and heavy load, ensure the stability of the wheel on the track, and improve the service life of the vehicle. Insulating sleeve and insulating outer and inner pads are provided between the wheel hub and the axle, said insulating sleeve is a high mechanical performance insulating material.

Axis difference ±2.0mm; parallelism between the two wheel pairs axles is 3.0mm; the distance between L1 and L2 does not exceed 3.0mm; the wandering end between L2 and L2 is mounted on the same side of the car. The operation mode is operated by hand-operated push-button switch with the car, and the operation box is equipped with emergency stop, travel and retreat pointing buttons. The single-phase low-voltage power supply electrical equipment includes the control box with the car, step-down transformer, DC motor, ground control cabinet, etc.

Rail flatcar manufacturers are equipped with sound and light alarm equipment on each flat car: including two red sound and light warning lights, red sound and light warning lights are installed on both sides of the front of the car, the alarm works at the same time when starting. The motor adopts the well-known brand DC motor, the protection grade is IP44, the insulation grade is B; the temperature rise of the motor and other parts does not exceed 80℃.

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