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What should manufacturers pay attention to when purchasing rail electric flatbed trolley?


The purchase of electric flatbed cars is only based on the application of the situation on the spot to buy the appropriate machinery and equipment. As the rail electric flatbed trolley can transport more kinds of goods, and each goods specifications, the appearance of more than different, if the use of standardized electric flat car equipped with many conditions and can not be integrated into the diversified production and manufacturing work conditions. Now at this stage, Perfect electric flatbed cars have a variety of different roles equipped to implement non-standard customized manufacturing.

Clarify the specifications of the electric flatbed car is relatively easy, generally is the customer according to the development trend, the delivery of raw materials specifications model specifications,etc.To establish the specifications of the machine and equipment table specifications. The function of the rail electric flat car manipulation mechanism is introduced.

General power switch - the general switch for the power supply of the entire vehicle electrical system. The vehicle electrical system can be vehicle electrical system. Emergency stop button - for emergency stopping. In case of emergency, pressing the emergency stop button can immediately brake the vehicle to stop. Key - switch for the electrical control system. The electrical control system can be controlled by turning the key to connect to the open position. Speed knob - Adjusts the speed of the vehicle. The knob allows you to control the speed of the vehicle in any set range. Only used for chopper and inverter speed control. Start button - used to start the vehicle. By pressing the start button, the vehicle is put into standby and ready to work. Stop button - The car stops. When the stop button is pressed, the car stops and brakes. Function exchange-Function switching for remote operation and manual operation. Only suitable for optional remote operation mode. Directional button - for controlling the operation of the vehicle. After pressing the direction button to start the car, the down button can be operated accordingly.

When loading heavy goods with a rail electric flatbed car, pay attention to the smooth and light placement of the goods and try to distribute the weight of the goods evenly to avoid undesirable consequences of partial weight. The rail electric flatbed car can be driven in both directions, so the operation is simple and convenient for flexible steering transport, which greatly increases the handling efficiency, and the equipment has high safety performance, so you can use it with confidence. We hope to have long-term cooperation with our manufacturers.

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