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Rail electric flatbed car manufacturers told you price of rail flatbed car.


         The rail electric flatbed car manufacturer is an electrified railway in-plant transport vehicle used to solve the transport of products across the inter-plant. It is also known as over-span flat car, dolly and electric flat car. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy to use, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity and les1s pollution. Widely used in machinery manufacturing and metallurgical plants, as a workshop with heavy lifting heavy transport. So when we buy the rail flat car, what price is reasonable?

The rail flatbed car is powered by a cable coil 380V AC. The cable reel is hysteresis coupled. Ensure that the steel cable is evenly stressed and will not be strained. DC 380V horizontal car with lifting motor power supply, the motor drives the flat car operation. The cable reel automatically coils or releases the cable when the flat car is in operation. Affected by the length of the reel power supply, the operating distance is usually less than 200m. The utility model has a lifting metallurgical motor for harsh environmental conditions, the flat car structure is simple, reliable, inexpensive and easy to track construction.

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Rail flatbed car it has the advantages of simple structure, easy to use, large load capacity, no dust, no maintenance, easy maintenance, long service life, etc. To improve the efficiency of the use of the equipment, it is necessary to adopt the structure and working principle of the flat car. It is mainly composed of running mechanism, electrical control, electrical control system, rotator and so on. The running mechanism consists of motor, brake, reducer, coupling wheel, etc. The small frame structure includes I-beams, channels, steel plates and angles.

Rail flatbed car as a factory transport industry, rail flatbed car manufacturers in the absence of national policy support, after just more than a decade of development, has become the main industry related to the production efficiency of enterprises, for the price of rail flatbed car, after a long period of rapid growth, the price of rail flatbed car, after a long period of research, the price is fair not only to consider the state of the industry and other factors affecting the price, but also from the early user's point of view for positioning.

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