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Some precautions for using low voltage rail electric flat cars


The rail flat car is a battery-powered, motor-driven transport vehicle. As an environmentally friendly, clean, high conversion rate and important energy source, it has been widely used in urban buses, factory and mine electric transportation vehicles, electric urban sanitation vehicles, engineering, underground construction vehicles and other fields.

When thelow pressure rail electric flat car is running, there is a regular humming sound at the bottom of the electric flat car; when the rolling bearing is damaged, there will be a squeaking-squeaking humming sound around the rolling bearing; when the output pivot is tilted or the low pressure rail electric flat car is gently swept, there will be a very high humming sound at the bottom, often accompanied by a sharp squeaking sound. In other words, we should find common faults and perform maintenance based on the different noises. If common faults in bottom pressure rail electric flatcars are not dealt with promptly, the use of low pressure rail electric flatcars is prohibited.

automatic cart

Adjusting the starting torque of the low voltage rail flatcar and adjusting the time of the relay K401. longer time length of K402,K403 can reduce the starting torque. Reduce the time of the relay can improve the starting torque, but at this time the flat car impact is relatively large, the actual operation of the staff should be adjusted to the appropriate time. The staff in the actual operation of the electric car should always check that there are no obstacles on the road track first, and that the power lines and automatic switches are reliable.

In operation, the rail flat car should often be strenuously stepped on and pedalled. Stepping hard on the throttle during acceleration will shorten the acceleration time. In addition the rail flatcar should be prohibited from driving at high speed when driving downhill and pay attention to deceleration when turning. When you change the fuse, remember to make sure that the new fuse has the correct current rating. When servicing the flat car, remember to disconnect the battery lead.

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