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Rail flat car manufacturers: rail electric flat car track laying


Orbital flat car manufacturers said electric flat car track is the basis of electric flat car walking road map, its base paving quality is poor will affect the service life of electric flat car and level accessories. 2-10 tons of electric flat car track should be selected with the national standard P18 track, 11-20 tons of rail flat car should be selected with P24 track, all kinds of track should be increased in turn, non-standard track can also be designed according to the flat car.
  Low-voltage electric flat car track laying should pay attention to good insulation measures, insulation measures done poorly will lead to leakage, short circuit and other faults, resulting in unstable power supply voltage, resulting in electric flat car running distance shortened or load restricted, seriously affect the production of enterprises. Battery pack, cable coil power supply, towing cable power supply of electric flat car power supply is relatively simple, but the foundation must be done well, otherwise the electric flat car will cause a series of unnecessary losses.

The process of rail flat car:First clear the loose concrete and stone in the equipment foundation reserved hole and around the electric flat car, then clean the debris in the reserved hole, and then use a small blower to clean the hole. When there is steel leakage in the reserved hole, it should be dealt with in time to ensure that the steel shall not be in contact with the pre-buried bolt.
Rail flat car maintenance common sense: electric flat car can not work continuously for a long time, so it should be stopped every two hours to ensure that all its parts are effectively trimmed. When there is heavy use, the belt needs to be checked for wear and tear every other month and if there is serious wear, the belt should be stopped immediately for replacement.
The rail flatcar manufacturer needs to lubricate (i.e. add oil) the contact wheels and running bearings of the electric flatcar at the beginning of each month and loosen them when inspecting the track. The electric control panel of the electric flat car should be cleaned every two months and dust removed from the panel with a specified reagent. Check the batteries of the battery electric flat carriage every other year and replace any batteries with too low a voltage.

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