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Rail flatcar manufacturer on the working principle of low voltage rail electric flatcar


The BDG series of electric flatcars uses an AC motor and reducer as the drive system and an electric control box as the control system to insulate the flatcars in and out, stop, stop, stop, stop, and produce a safe voltage of 36V during operation. 380V AC voltage is stepped down with a step-down transformer and connected to the tracks. This series of electric flatcars requires 380V AC to be connected to the three tracks via a transformer. The flatcar's carbon brushes generate electrical energy from the wheels, which injects current into the flatcar's electric control box. After being stepped down through the transformer, it is connected to the three-phase power motor and supplied to the three-phase motor. The electrical control system is used to control the forward and reverse rotation of the flat car motor and thus the forward, reverse and stopping of the flat car.

The low voltage rail electric flat car is composed of transmission, travel and control system, etc. The modular design makes maintenance and replacement easy. The whole vehicle is equipped with a step-up transformer and a conductive column, which can be automatically adjusted with the height of the rail to ensure a good power extraction. The running distance is not limited, but when it exceeds 70m, the transformer has to be increased to compensate for the rail pressure drop. The three-phase low voltage rail flatcar consists of a frame, motor, reducer, step-up transformer, electrical appliances, wheels and alarm lights. 36V AC power is introduced directly into the vehicle via the wheels and the AV36V voltage is converted to CV380V through the step-up transformer to supply the motor.

The price of a low voltage rail electric flat car is mainly calculated by the material and labour cost of the electric flat car. I will take you through the factors that need to be considered in the next electric flat car quote.

The main structure of an electric flat car consists of three major parts: the steel frame, the mechanical configuration and the electrical components. There are complex and simple structures for electric flatcars. It is mainly determined by the load, tonnage, operation etc. The more complex the structure, the higher the price will be and the longer the manufacturing cycle will be.

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