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Introduction of rail type electric flat car gauge


Electric flat car as a kind of vehicle driven by electricity, walking, handling, its transmission equipment for DC motor or AC motor, motor, reducer, shaft, etc. drive the wheel rotation, remote controller application into, back, stop and other operations. Rail flat car related manipulation is based on the handle or control box easily grasp, easy and flexible, fast delivery, transit materials high efficiency. The orbital electric flat car is used to quickly transport materials in workshops, warehouses, factories, industrial areas and other places. Manufacturing handling companies would not be able to transfer materials from one storage point to another without the help of electric flatcars, thus reducing the intensity, efficiency and time saving of manual labour.

What is rail gauge? The distance between the two rails of a railed electric flatcar walking track is generally measured by two internal distances, and there are dozens of rail gauges available in the world, which can be roughly divided into three types: normal rail, wide rail and narrow rail.

electric rail cart

For the first time to use the rail flat car this workshop handling equipment of the enterprise, most do not know the rail flat car track gauge of the model? It is also unclear how large a model they should use to meet the requirements of their own workshop operations. The use of gauge is usually based on the size of the site and is used to calculate whether there is enough space to lay the track before specific gauge parameters are required. What is the standard gauge? A: 1435mm, the common gauge for electric flat car rails.

Those that are narrower than the standard gauge for rail-type electric flatcars are called narrow rails. What is the distance of a narrow gauge electric flat car? The answer is 1067mm,1000mm,762mm,600mm etc. The narrow gauge commonly used for electric flat cars is 762mm. with different wheelbase widths, the electric flat car size, load capacity and stability are also different. A track that is wider than the standard gauge is also called a wide track. Wide gauge electric flatcars have a rail pitch of 1676mm, 1524mm, 1520mm, etc.

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