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KPD series low voltage rail electric flat car


  KPD series low voltage rail electric flat car

KPD low voltage rail electric flat car is suitable for small tonnage, medium distance, cross operation with other vehicles operating environment. The utility model is suitable for workpiece handlers who need hydraulic lifting when operating at a distance of 70m or more, need to increase the number of transformers to compensate for track pressure drop, have high requirements for track laying and need insulated track.

Low voltage rail-powered electric flatcars have higher track requirements and require insulated tracks to be laid. Suitable for transport environments with a load capacity of less than 50 tonnes and an unlimited running distance. Suitable for transport environments of all environmental types with unlimited running distances. The system can be used for high frequency and medium distance transport, but when the operating distance is greater than 70m, the number of transformers needs to be increased to compensate for the track voltage drop. This is used to guarantee the track voltage.

Pay attention to the carbon brushes on the motor at regular intervals. Carbon brushes need to be replaced regularly due to wear and tear to keep the flat car running. Pay attention to the drainage of water from the track to avoid water accumulation on the track. Check and replace the carbon brushes on the wheels frequently to ensure good power pick-up.

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