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BXC series battery powered rail flatcars' environment


  BXC series battery powered rail flatcars' environment

BXC series battery rail flat car actual operation method can be configured rocker and remote control manipulation; rocker line length is usually 3m or 5m, on with four keys and a remote lever, four keys respectively: start, change direction, forward and backward, remote lever manipulation is the brake of the flat car, remote lever to the left to move, flat car left turn, remote lever to the right to move, flat car left turn, if you want to let the car terminate, you can release the button or press the termination button, if you want to start again If you want to start again, turn clockwise to change direction and press and hold to start. The remote control is operated by six keys: start, stop, forward, backward, left turn and left turn, when you turn left or left turn, you have to press and hold the opposite direction key together, when you start again, just press and hold the start button immediately. A rocker storage box is provided in the flatbed for easy storage.

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