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The correct way to use the rail electric flat car


 The correct way to use the rail electric flat car 

Correct operation and use is vital to the proper functioning of the electric flat cart and to ensure the longevity of the motor and battery. Do not allow people who do not know how to work to use it to prevent damage caused by falls and collisions, or to overload heavy loads and avoid excessive power consumption or traffic accidents. The brakes should be checked for good performance, front and rear wheels, etc. before each use to ensure proper working and using safety. The power switch should be turned off when getting off or parking.

The electric flatbed truck should be operated at an ambient temperature of -10°C to 40°C, relative ambient temperature should not be greater than 25°C and the altitude should not be greater than 1000 m. For areas greater than 1000 m above sea level, air cooling and reduced insulation strength should be considered. The electrical equipment selected should be designed or used in accordance with the agreement between the manufacturer and the user. The methane, coal dust, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide etc. in the surrounding air shall not exceed the levels specified in the "Coal Safety Regulations" when using the JH-14 rear strut winch in a coal mine.

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