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Introduction of driving mechanism and principle of low-pressure rail transfer trolley


Introduction of driving mechanism and principle of low-pressure rail transfer trolley

The low-pressure rail transfer trolley is mainly composed of a frame system, a transmission device, a passive wheel set, and electrical control.
The frame is a frame structure formed by welding four longitudinal beams and a number of beams and planks. Usually, large channel steel is used as the longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame. Eight-point load is adopted, and the frame is evenly stressed. The shoulder bearing on the wheel set is connected to the frame through bolts. This structure effectively reduces the height of the table.
Equipped with a connecting hook on the front and back of the electric flat car, which can tow other flat cars or be towed if necessary Lifting holes are provided on both sides of the flat car for easy lifting.
The low-pressure rail transfer trolley is powered by the low-voltage rail. The axle is insulated and the conductive device is added. The car is equipped with a step-up transformer. The supplied electric energy is controlled by the electrical system to move the flat car forward or backward. The operation method is to walk with the car by using the hand-held button box.
Insulation sleeves and insulated inner and outer pads are provided between the wheels and the axles. The insulation sleeves are made of nylon with high mechanical properties. After the wheels are insulated, the low-voltage rail electric flat car can use two rails as two conductive rails. The material of the axle is 45# steel quenched and tempered, the material of the wheel is made of high-quality cast steel No. 55, the surface of the wheel is quenched, and the bearing is a double-row radial spherical roller bearing, which can automatically compensate for the deformation deviation of the frame. This wheel has very good performance. The service life of the car can be as long as 15 years. The material of the entire car is stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about the rust phenomenon after the car is used for a period of time. Secondly, the low-pressure rail transfer cart is beautiful in appearance, coated with a layer of paint, and the color of the paint is available for customers to choose. So far, the common colors chosen by customers are yellow, red, blue, white and so on.

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