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How to receive the cable in the cable reel powered rail transfer car?


How to receive the cable in the cable reel powered rail transfer car?

How to receive the cable in the cable reel powered rail transfer car? Special frequency conversion-driven cable reel is a new type of cable reel developed by our company. It adopts a more advanced control mode than the traditional cable reel in the past, providing users with safer and more reliable tension control.
Frequency conversion cable reel is an advanced tension control device on the market. It processes calculations through the core of the memory, keeps the cable running at a constant speed and constant tension, and reduces damage to the cable caused by tension changes.
1. Cable laying process of cable reel powered rail transfer car:
Using the one-way clutch device, the output power of the equipment's walking wheels (or the final transmission gear) cannot be transmitted to the permanent magnet coupler and the reel. Under the action of the cable tension, the reel overcomes the damping effect of the cable release damper and is slowly released cable.
2. Cable collection process: cable collection process
The cable reel obtains power through the equipment walking wheel (or final transmission gear), drives the reel to wind the cable through the permanent magnetic coupling, and during the cable winding process, the permanent magnetic coupling and the reel continuously slip at a differential speed to ensure the speed of the coiled cable and the movement of the equipment speed synchronization. By adjusting the number of working magnetic blocks of the permanent magnet coupler, the output torque of the permanent magnet coupler can be changed, and the tension on the cable can be adjusted.

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