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Crossed track for 10 ton track transfer vehicle and layout method


Crossed track for 10 ton track transfer vehicle and layout method

The cross rails used for 10 ton track transfer vehicle belong to the field of automatic transport equipment. It includes a plurality of transverse rails and longitudinal rails, which are orthogonal to each other in the same plane. The transverse rails and longitudinal rails include two bearing rail surfaces formed by two parallel groove-shaped ground rails; At the intersection position, the four groove-shaped ground rails on the two orthogonal rails are respectively provided with four integral fixed crossroads or separate rotary crossroads for the steering of the rail conveyor at the intersection. The laying method is convenient for the rail transport vehicle to freely change the moving direction between mutually perpendicular rails in the same plane, enhances the mobility and flexibility of the rail transport vehicle, improves the operating efficiency of 10 ton track transfer vehicle, and meets the needs of the automated warehousing industry.

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