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Case introduction of hydraulic lifting transfer car


Case introduction of hydraulic lifting transfer car

Perfect company designs and customizes a hydraulic lifting transfer car according to customer requirements, the main purpose is to achieve the pouring of molten steel.
The hydraulic lifting transfer car is also called hydraulic lifting electric flat car. It is suitable for multiple people to work at the same time, making the aerial work more efficient and safer. It can operate freely without external power from external power sources and is not limited by the number of lifting times. Easy to operate and lift freely. The height of the hydraulic lifting transfer carriage can be designed according to the size provided by the customer. The platform of the flatbed truck needs to be automatically rotated to facilitate the docking of the pouring spout. Since the work piece to be transported is molten steel, refractory materials need to be laid on the platform for high temperature protection.
The product has been put into use, and customers have reported that the work efficiency has been greatly improved and the use is particularly convenient.

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