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Three reasons for battery operated flat cart to slip during transportation


Three reasons for battery operated flat cart to slip during transportation

Battery operated flat cart is electric flat cars that are powered by batteries and powered by traction motors. The electric rail car can be controlled by remote control or can add a PLC control system. By setting its operation behavior through the computer, it can be fully automated. Because modern enterprises are increasingly inclined to intelligent offices, fully automated control of electric rail cars more favored by workshop users.
Battery operated flat cart solve manpower well in use and provide great convenience for our production and transportation, but at the same time, electric rail car will inevitably have some problems during use, such as slipping as soon as the goods are shipped In fact, you don’t have to worry, there are three main reasons for this phenomenon:
1. Because the wheel rolling of the electric rail car is not on the same level. So in the process of its operation, there will be a problem of skidding. Then, the countermeasures we need to take at this time are: add pads on the horizontal support surface of the bearing box to adjust to keep them at the same level.
2. In daily work, it is not cleaned up in time, which results in some oil stains remaining on the rail treads of battery operated flat carriage, so there is a problem of skidding. In view of this situation, we should clean up these oil stains in time, and if necessary, we should also spread fine sand on the rail surface to increase the friction coefficient.
3. In the process of design and laying, due to certain factors, the rails of the electric rail flat car are uneven, so in the course of its operation, there will be slipping. At this time, we need to readjust the rails so that they can meet the requirements.

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