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Warmly celebrate the successful delivery of a 40t cable dragging electric flatbed truck from Xinxiang Perfect to Huangshi


Xinxiang Perfect has successfully delivered a 40t load capacity railless truck to Huangshi Lantian Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Equipment Co.
Huangshi City Blue Sky Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. main production license items: all kinds of engineering construction activities (projects subject to approval by the relevant departments before operating activities, specific business projects subject to the relevant departmental approval documents or license documents) general projects: environmental protection special equipment manufacturing; environmental protection special equipment sales; environmental protection consulting services; technical services, technology development, technology technical consultation, technical exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; coal-fired flue gas desulphurization and denitrification equipment manufacturing; coal-fired flue gas desulphurization and denitrification equipment sales; dust removal technology and equipment manufacturing; carbon emission reduction, carbon conversion, carbon capture, carbon sequestration technology research and development; metallurgical special equipment manufacturing; metallurgical special equipment sales; sewage treatment and its recycling; mining machinery manufacturing; mining machinery sales of development production, maintenance, sales and technical services, precision machining of work .
Product Details.
Product name: railed handling truck
Model: BTL-40t
Handling items: heavy equipment
Body size: 4000mmx2000mmx500mm
Lifting weight: 40T       
Control mode: Wireless remote control         
Power supply: cable                                                                          
Running time: 8 hours   
Special requirements: car can travel straight back and forth for a distance of 20m, cost as low as possible for a trackless truck
Thank you to all our partners at Parfitt, your participation and suggestions have been a great source of excitement and motivation for us. With you, our journey forward has a constant source of confidence and strength; with you, our business can reform and innovate, develop and grow step by step.

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