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35t trackless electric flatbed truck


Xinxiang Perfect has successfully delivered a 35t railless truck to Sinotrans (Chengdu) Airport Logistics Co. Sinotrans (Chengdu) Airport Logistics Co., Ltd. mainly produces air cargo sales agency business for international routes or routes to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (except for dangerous goods); air cargo sales agency business for domestic routes except for routes to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (except for dangerous goods); international transport agency business for import and export cargo and transit cargo by rail, air and sea; customs declaration and inspection services ; general cargo transportation; warehousing (except dangerous goods); own property rental; property management; and other legal projects that do not require permits or approvals.
 trackless transfer carts
Product details.
Model: BWP-35t
Handling items: goods
Body size: 5000mmx3200mmx500mm
Lifting weight: 35T       
Control mode: Wireless remote control         
Power supply: Battery
Running time: 8 hours   
Special requirements: the car is required to be equipped with hooks at all four corners, remote control and 360 degree turning of the trackless truck
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