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All-round mobile electric flatbed trucks


   Electric flatbed trucks are very convenient to use in life, as well as relatively low maintenance costs, many manufacturers tend to buy and sell battery series, to avoid the sudden power failure brought about by the inconvenience of work, but how to extend the service life of electric flatbed truck battery? This time the manufacturer has a trick

  1. accessories maintenance, to ensure that lubrication in place, regular inspection of all parts, the whole car screws, nuts are firm, whether the tyres are seriously worn, serious then timely replacement, check whether the mechanical system is working properly, the battery capacity is up to standard. The electronic control board is regularly cleaned, and the gearbox, motor sprocket and chain are regularly lubricated.
electric trackless carts
  2. Accurate selection, products in line with the operating environment, electric flatbed truck has multiple series of multiple specifications, different types of operating environment is different, such as battery electric flatbed truck can not be used in high temperature environment; if the operating environment ground is not flat, such as the construction site more gravel, piles of earth, the tyres have to choose industrial solid rubber wheels or polyurethane wheels, to ensure that the electric flatbed truck has the ability to climb.

  3. battery electric flatbed truck storage is different from the usual use of battery, is a battery group composed of more than the same type of battery, usually to ensure that the battery electric flatbed truck accidental power failure after the necessary conditions for parking power, the key time to use to such occasional use will certainly lead to temporary battery performance decline, it is recommended that every 2 months on the battery electric flatbed truck battery for a Charge and discharge

  4. To regularly check the location of the battery electric flatbed truck battery to see if there is leakage, oil leakage, etc., adhere to the placement of the location of clean and dry. Be careful not to touch the two electrode contacts at the bottom of the battery box with your hands or metal products, and when removing the battery electric flatbed truck battery should be placed flat, not upside down.


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