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Cable-powered rail flat cars


With the widespread use of electric flat car, many factories also want to use electric flat car as a workshop electric handling tool car, but very confused, there are so many kinds of electric flat car power supply, in the end should choose which power supply, today I will give you the advantages and disadvantages of cable-powered rail flat car.
Cable-powered flat car is divided into tow cable-powered flat car and cable reel-powered flat car.
Towing cable-powered transfer car is 380V through the cable directly into the transfer car electrical control system, to the transfer car drive motor, to control the transfer car start, stop, forward, backward, etc.. The cable is placed in the centre of the two tracks and the operating voltage is 36V.
electric trackless carts
   The cable reel power supply transfer vehicle is supplied with AC 380V AC power through the cable to the traction motor, which is controlled by the control system to start, stop, move forward and backward. The operating voltage is the safety voltage of 36 V. The cable relies on the cable reel device on the transfer vehicle, which is installed underneath the transfer vehicle.
Both the cable towing and cable reel transfer vehicles can be equipped with PLC systems to achieve fully automatic control, suitable for harsh environments, high temperature environments, explosion-proof environments, etc. Due to the simplicity of the mechanism, the cost is lower and it is a more common transfer vehicle across the workshop; compared to the BXC battery series transfer vehicle, its use time is not limited; compared to the BDG rail-powered series transfer vehicle, the requirements for track laying are not high It is suitable for any load. This series of trains is suitable for any load capacity and high frequency of use, and the maximum running distance can meet 200-400 metres.
The difference between them is that the structure of the cable dragging electric flat car is simpler and the cost is lower, but the cable dragging electric flat car is suitable for running distance ≤ 20m, while the maximum running distance of the cable reel electric flat car can meet 200-400m.

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