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Track Turning Car - Handle or Wireless Remote Control


 Track Turning Car - Handle or Wireless Remote Control
The BTL cable track flatbed car of Henan Parfit's family supplies the AC380V AC voltage to the traction motor through the cable, and then controls the start and stop of the flat car. The cable relies on the rail flat car to retract and unwind the cable. When the flat car is running, the drag chain automatically rolls up or releases the cable first to realize the power supply of the flat car.
The length of the towline selected for the towline flatbed truck is generally within 20 meters, and the reliable running distance is less than 50m. The top of the track rails of Parfit's family needs to be 10-20mm higher than the floor, and the inner side of the track can be opened with a 60mm wide and 50mm deep edge groove. The cable of the chain flatbed truck falls in the protection groove to protect the cable from being crushed.
Henan Parfit's products conform to the JB/T6127-2010 machinery industry standard, with compact structure, beautiful appearance, accurate positioning, simple operation, smooth turning and driving, strong climbing ability, long driving distance, low noise, easy, wireless The advantages of easy remote control of cables are suitable for various transportation and are widely used in metallurgy, coal, electromechanical, heavy industry, shipbuilding, light industry and other enterprises.
The hydraulic lifting rail car can run freely without external power supply and external power. It mainly realizes the lifting function through the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil, which can make the aerial work range larger and the efficiency higher.
The hydraulic lift rail car is not subject to lifting, easy to operate, and can be lifted freely. The height can be designed according to the size provided by the user. Its rated load is between 0-80T; the power supply has four options: BTL cable power supply type, BDG low-voltage rail power supply type, BXC battery power supply type, and BJT cable reel power supply type; the running speed is 0-20 meters per minute. ; Optional handle or wireless remote control.
Xinxiang City Parfit Handling Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of electric flat cars, trackless flat cars and rail flat cars for 16 years. The company produces a series of trackless electric flat cars and electric flat cars, rail electric trucks and various metallurgical industrial and mining vehicles. The products are widely used in metallurgy, electromechanical, heavy industry, shipbuilding and other enterprises, as logistics and transportation tools in factory workshops and operating areas.

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