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Electric flat-panel trailer wheels


 Electric flat-panel trailer wheels

Henan perfect handling equipment co., LTD., the production of electric platform trailer, because of its large capacity, stable operation, convenient operation and environmental protection performance advantages and accepted by domestic and foreign each big, medium and small enterprises, use in the workshop material handling work. Because electric flat-panel trailer wheels are in direct contact with the track or ground, the load-bearing capacity of the electric flatbed trailer is closely related to the wheel group. 

Electric flat-panel trailer wheels is the combination of wheel, shaft, bearing and bearing seat, electric flat-panel trailer wheels. The cast steel wheel group is mainly used in the track electric flat car, which can have a large carrying capacity (usually within 1300t). The Polyurethane wheel set is mainly used on the trailer of the trackless electric platform. The trackless electric flat car does not need to be laid, so it can walk on the concrete surface. Polyurethane wheel set. It can avoid the epoxy floor of the workshop, so it is used in the complex situation of the workshop.

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