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Perfect Ladle car design


 Perfect  Ladle car design

The transport equipment produced by henan perfect haulage equipment co., LTD. Is different in terms of the working environment, and the design standards of various models are different. Here is a brief introduction of the Ladle car design standard.

Ladle car is mainly used in metal smelting plant, mainly used for transporting material baskets, Ladle and other high-temperature vessels. When designing a ladle car, the first thing to consider is the working environment temperature, the temperature is different; the motor and electrical components used are different. Ladle car does not need special protection if it is a working environment far away from the high temperature furnace. In general,

buggy ladle has a higher working environment than other working conditions. Because of the particularity of the objects transported by buggy ladle, when designing the ladle, the stability of operation should be considered first, and the variable frequency motor with higher insulation grade should be used. The variable frequency motor can realize soft start and stop, ensure that the high-temperature steel water carried by the ladle does not accelerate or decrease due to the sudden acceleration of the running speed, resulting in the splash of molten steel and the accident. When the Ladle car designs the frame, it should consider the insulation between the frame and the electric and protect the electric.

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