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The electric rubber wheel car, which is the electric car and the rail car


The electric rubber wheel car, which is the electric car and the rail car

Today is to introduce a quarter-century trackless vehicles and railcar Electric in the field of two rubber wheel car, Electric in trackless rubber wheel car have been preminent in the field of status, but it is clueless in the rail car market.

Electric rubber wheel car in trackless vehicles is so dazzling all thanks to iron, don't look down upon the lugs, abandoned the track not only, also can carry hundreds of tons of weight and without causing wear and tear on the ground. Not only that, but the electric rubber wheel is in the market of the rail car to let other rail cars look at its neck, also has its unique secret weapon. Electric rubber-tyred vehicle and the trolley can be combined into a whole, so it has either in orbit, can slide on the ground of double function, in addition to that, not only for customers with this need to solve the problem, is also a major breakthrough in the field of electric flat car, is another milestone in electric flat car industry.

The electric rubber wheel car, which straddles the two lines, was developed, designed and produced by henan perfect haulage equipment co., LTD., and has been patented for this purpose.

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