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Things to be aware of when using a level vehicle include


Things to be aware of when using a level vehicle include.

1. Make sure that the electric flat car is not overloaded.

When the enterprise designs the electric flat car product, the actual load is greater than the indicated load, and it can occasionally be overloaded, but for the service life of the equipment, do not overload.

2. Make sure there is no debris in and near the orbit.

When the scene is chaotic, it is easy to have an accident. Flatbed trucks are clearly marked with lanes and passages to ensure that there is no debris on the track, which affects the normal operation of the flatbed trucks. Make sure the loading rack. Passage entrance. Between shelves. There is plenty of turning clearance. Monitor dense points during operation to ensure there is enough space.

3. Noise and other abnormalities.

KPCSeries electric flat car.

steerable trackless transfer carts

When using the level, the following things need to be checked frequently:

1. Whether the frame shaft is loose;

2. Whether the pulley is tilted. After loosening the motor foot bolt, adjust the strap with tensioning screws to drive the rated load, not too tight;

3. Whether the local bolt is loose;

4. When the four wheels are off the ground, the motor is rotated by hand, the active wheel corresponds to the flexible rotation, and the driven wheel opponent rotates the driven wheel pair;

5. In the flat bearing housing, there should be enough grease in the reducer bearing cover, especially in the head cover sealing groove, and there should be grease in the conductive box of the conductive device;

6. The reducer uses No. 20 gear oil in winter and No. 30 gear oil in summer, and the oil level is correct;

7. The insulation resistance of the friction block between the wheel and the body is not less than 0.5MΩ;

8. The guide post of the low-voltage power supply flat car should be flexibly lifted and lowered on the guide frame.

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