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A BDG low voltage rail powered transfer car delivered successfully


 The brief introduction of the client:

A material company in Qingdao was established in 2015, its business scope includes manufacturing, development and sales of soft magnetic materials and derivatives, metal materials and derivatives; Technology development, technology services; Sales of metal materials, machinery and equipment; Equipment leasing, commissioned processing services; Import and export of goods and technologies.

The introduction of product:

The low voltage rail powered transfer car is relatively safe, reliable and stable because it does not need trailing cables, it is not limited by the operating distance, and can cross the operation with other rail cars, and it is easy to achieve remote control and intelligent control, which is more convenient for the logistics of rail cars in large factories. However, its track construction requirements are high, and the insulation of the track must be ensured. If the running distance is longer, the number of transformers should be increased. Usually, one ground transformer is installed every 50 meters to ensure the stable voltage of the insulated power supply rail.

Technical parameters:

Product model: BDG-10T

Table size: Length 3600mm* Width 2000mm* height 500mm

Ground clearance: 50mm

Running speed: 0-25m/min

Motor power: 1.5kw

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