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An RGV rail transport cart delivered successfully


 The brief introduction of the client:

A technology company in Shandong province, founded in 2004. The business scope includes the production and sales of robots; New energy development; Computer automation control equipment, instrumentation, low-voltage electrical appliance sales; Computer hardware, software development, sales; Industrial automation equipment, building intelligent equipment design and assembly; Mechanical equipment maintenance; Mechanical engineering construction.

The introduction of product:

RGV, or "Rail Guided Vehicle", is widely used in logistics and industrial production. It operates on a fixed track, ensures accurate guidance and running routes through track guidance, and can automate tasks in logistics systems and production lines.

Customer feedback after use:

PERFECT company has a good service attitude, can find problems in time and put forward reasonable solutions. The RGV transport flat car provided has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of our material handling, and reduced the labor cost. We are willing to cooperate with your company for a long time.

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