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A BXC battery powered rail transfer car delivered successfully


 The brief introduction of the client:

Jiangsu liquefied gas company was established in 1996, the business scope includes bottled liquefied petroleum gas, gas stove retail; Liquor business; Food sales; Road transport of goods; Rental services; Metal material sales; Edible agricultural products retail.

The introduction of product:

Battery powered rail transfer car is powered by battery group, the battery provides power to the DC motor, and the DC motor drives the flat car to run. Compared with AC motor, DC motor has the advantages of not easy to burn, large starting torque, strong overload capacity, and the running distance is not limited. BXC transfer car has no insulation requirements for the track, so the construction and installation cost is low.

Technical parameters:

Product model: BXC-5T

Table size: Length 3200mm* Width 2000mm* height 500mm

Ground clearance: 500mm

Running speed: 0-25m/min

Accumulator capacity: 180Ah


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