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AGV steerable transfer trolley introduction


   Electric Power is an energy source that is powered by electricity. It is a power production and consumption system consisting of power generation, transmission, power transformation, distribution, and electricity. In the power industry, with the promotion of smart grid construction, the demand for AGV steerable transfer trolley is on the rise. Currently, AGV steerable transfer trolley can be applied mainly in the following two areas:

agv heavy duty handling equipment
  AGV Introduction AGV steerable transfer trolley is the English abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle. It is equipped with automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along the prescribed guiding path, with safety protection, item transfer and handling functions, no need for driver in industrial applications, and automatic charging source with rechargeable battery. Guide the transport vehicle.

  The power industry AGV application field introduces power materials storage power materials is the most important part of the entire power equipment management, and its warehouse management is particularly important.

  The equipment and equipment of the power industry are large in storage and variety, the workload of the porters is large, and the manual handling of materials is unreasonable; the storage facilities are backward and the degree of informatization is low.

  Supporting three-dimensional warehouse: it can realize the transportation of materials to high-rise shelves and improve the utilization of storage space;
  AGV can support stereo warehouse and RFID technology applications, and improve the power material storage management system.At present, the electric energy meter testing center has many daily demand for electric energy meter, large carrying capacity and large handling demand. The application of AGV can fully realize automatic verification, intelligent warehousing and logistics distribution. The application process of AGV in the energy meter detection center:

  Stereo warehouse to inspection area: AGV completes the outbound storage of the meter to be tested; the transportation process in the detection area: AGV completes the transfer and detection of the meter between each test station or through the mechanical arm of the AGV trolley Take it to the verification station for verification of the meter;
automatic cart
  Detection area to the three-dimensional warehouse: the storage of the AGV after the completion of the energy meter detection;
  The introduction of AGV in the power industry The application of AGV in the power industry In order to speed up the construction of smart grids and improve the status quo of power materials storage, all provincial-level material warehouses are subject to relevant automation transformation, most of which use three-dimensional warehouses with AGV.

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