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Couplings for rail electric flatcarts 


 The coupling of an electric rail flatcar is a key component and is essential for the electric rail flatcar. The choice of the right coupling should be made with reference to the various characteristics of the coupling. The following rail electric flat car manufacturer's editorial speaks about the following five points that should be considered when making a specific choice.

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  1. Tyre couplings.

  The amount and nature of the torque to be transmitted and the requirements of the cushioning vibration function. For high-powered heavy-duty gearboxes, gear couplings are available; for heavy loads or gearboxes requiring torsional vibration of the shaft system, tyre couplings are available.

  2. Mounting accuracy for connecting two components.

  When radial displacements are large, optional slider couplings can be used; joints with large angular displacements or intersecting two shafts can be used in conjunction with universal couplings; when large additional relative displacements of the two shafts occur during operation, flexible couplings are used. This is due to manufacturing, installation, load deformation and temperature variations. After installation and adjustment of the electric flatcar, the two shafts cannot be strictly aligned

  3. Coupling manufacture, installation, maintenance and price.

  Under the premise of meeting the performance of the rail electric flat car, the coupling with easy assembly and disassembly, simple maintenance and low cost should be selected as far as possible. For example, rigid couplings are not only simple in structure, but also easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used for low speed, rigid drive shafts. Usually used as a flange coupling.

  4. The working speed of the rail electric flat coupling and the centrifugal force it causes.

  For high-speed drive shafts, couplings with high balancing accuracy, such as diaphragm couplings, should be used, and eccentric slider couplings should not be used.

  5. Reliability and working environment of rail electric flat car parts couplings.

  Usually couplings made of metal parts that do not require lubrication are relatively reliable; couplings that require lubrication are susceptible to the degree of lubrication and may contaminate the environment; couplings with non-metallic components (such as rubber) are temperature-dependent corrosive media, light-sensitive and easily aged.


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