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Main structure of the electric trolley


  The electric flat car is used in two span production workshop and the middle of the factory transport, we manufacture the electric flat car is the greater characteristics of the cabinet table is not deformed, the real load heavy index high, reducer selection hard tooth surface reducer, using parts are should be equipped with components. The key structure is:

   1. the choice of hardened gear reducer drive, hardened gear reducer drive gear selection of high toughness low carbon environmental protection carbon steel by carburizing quenching and made, high strength of the tooth surface, drive gear are selected CNC machine tool milling tooth processing technology, High precision, good contact, transmission system efficiency, stable operation, low noise: small size and light long service life, high bearing capacity; easy access to maintenance, conducive to installation.
electric transfer carts
     2.Choose box type structure, with bad steel butt welding, two full line through the body end beam load.

  3, the use of brushless DC motor, brushless DC motor has a rapid response, relatively large running torque, from zero speed ratio to rated speed ratio with the characteristics of rated torque can be produced, a single feature of communication AC If the electric motor is to achieve the same characteristics as the brushless DC motor, a complicated control system must be able to do so.

  Electric flat car each structure of cost-effective equipped with a reasonable increase in the use of appliances, and thus increase the use of electric flat car years. The electric flatbed truck also has high safety performance, is conducive to The electric flatbed truck also has the advantages of high safety performance, good for inspection and repair, beautiful and generous appearance design, etc.; at the same time, it brings the customer greater cost savings, and also gives the factory delivery space layout to be very convenient.


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