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How to check the load of a low voltage electric flat carriage


  Check the office environment for low voltage electric flat trolleys. If the motor is exposed to high temperatures (above 40°C) for a long time, it will get hot. If it is too high, it will cause shutdown. Check that the load is not too high. Please enter a product that will take into account the needs of the job, people show you a wide range of low voltage electric trolleys to choose from.

  Check that the external power supply voltage of the low-voltage electric flat carriage is all right. When the working voltage exceeds ten percent of the rated current of the motor or is lower than five percent of the rated current of the motor, the low-voltage electric flat car motor is very easy to get hot and the temperature rises under the rated value. The working voltage should be checked and adjusted. In addition to this, if the phase breaker is broken or the main power switch is loose, it will cause phase breakage and over-temperature. Destroyed components should be repaired or removed and replaced.
electric rail cart
  Check the low voltage electric flat car motor, see the motor inside and outside too much dust and oil stains, endanger the heat pipe heat dissipation, should clear the dust and oil stains; motor air duct blockage, natural ventilation is poor, the amount of air inlet less, should clear the air duct in the dirt and stains; cooling fan destroyed, installed or not installed, should be properly installed. The destroyed cooling fan should be repaired or removed and replaced.

  The warning sign key is used for low voltage electric flat cars. The warning sign key is made up of safety tones and the warning signs are generally made up of a standard diagonal pattern of yellow and black. The yellow colour is used to express the meaning of attention and warning. Warning signs are used for machinery and equipment, low-voltage electric trolleys or the actual operating environment marked in yellow. In order to make the yellow marking more visible, China requires the addition of black elements.

  In the work or moving the whole process to facilitate the impact of a variety of equipment components, such as portable lifting equipment support legs, lifting equipment hooks of the stopper, the top of the wire rod, four-wheel balance block, sloping roof off the car as well as the side guardrail obstruction, door lifting platform as well as the gantry crane below, and counting card tightening device, punching machine stamping die temporary or risky place, is generally set or painted yellow or black pattern.

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