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Daily maintenance of battery rail flatcars


The rail flatcar manufacturer says that the battery rail flatcar should be discharged daily, and shallow discharge should be carried out to increase the number of cycles of charging and discharging and to increase the life of the battery rail flatcar. When charging the battery powered rail flat car, take care not to be too full. After the power indicator lights up, you can float charging for 1 hour, someone should watch. If charged for a long time, the battery will be damaged. It is usually given a capacity restorer in parallel to extend its life and reduce the sulphation of the battery.
on rail cart
The rail flatcar brings convenience to our short distance handling heavy work, and we need to pay attention to the safe use of it to avoid unwanted damage. The battery is activated according to the handheld operator mechanism electric flat car. On the handheld operator, the control power is connected and the direction of operation of the traction vehicle is selected. On the handheld operator turn the speed control handle clockwise, the electric flat contactor is energised and closed, the motor receives power and starts to rotate, the rotation increases and the motor speed increases; turn the speed control counterclockwise, the motor speed drops to the end, the main contactor is disconnected, the motor stops rotating, the motor stops rotating and the motor speed increases, turn the speed control counterclockwise, the motor speed drops, the motor stops rotating, the motor speed is regulated faster and the motor speed drops and turn to the end, the motor stops rotating and the electric flat car travel stops.
The brake battery of the rail flat car manufacturer drives the precise parking of the rail electric flat car is also an important aspect of the control. Using the governor's own braking function, combined with the electromagnetic brake holding brake, the rail electric flat car shortens the braking distance to meet the work requirements. In order to save power in the battery pack, the electromagnetic brake is of the energy-saving type. While the motor is rotating the electromagnetic brake "brake start" and the contactor "brake maintenance" contactor act to open the brake mechanism. 2s later, the "brake start" contact is released and the "brake maintenance" contactor is activated. After 2s, the "brake start" contact is released and the "brake maintain" contact continues to attract, allowing the electromagnetic brake to continue to operate at a very low current.

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