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Cable reel rail flat car customer purchase use case


Ltd. in Jining, Shandong Province, recently purchased a BJT-40t from Xinxiang Parfitt Handling Equipment Co.
I learned that the company with this rail flat car is used for the production line across the use, in order to faster and more stable transport spiral steel pipe, so the technical engineers of Perfect to the car design to add v-frame, the car is also installed in the encounter with the obstacles to stop, emergency stop button, sound and light alarm device. Because of the consideration of other vehicles passing above the track, and the long continuous use and high frequency of this vehicle, the cable reel power supply method is used, slotted to receive and discharge cables.
motoried transfer cart
The cable reel series of cars are suitable for harsh environments, high temperature environments, explosion-proof environments, etc. Due to the simpler mechanism and lower cost, it is a more common transfer car for workshop crossing; compared to the BXC battery series of transfer cars, its use time is not limited; compared to the BDG rail-powered series of transfer cars, the requirements for track laying are not high. This series of trains is suitable for any load capacity and high frequency of use. If the running distance exceeds 50m, additional wiring devices are required to assist in coiling the line, and the maximum running distance can meet 200-400m. The series of electric flat car adapt to the harsh working conditions of lifting metallurgy with, flat car structure is simple and reliable, the price is economic, convenient maintenance, track construction is convenient, is a set of traditional electric rail flat car selection scheme; suitable for large tonnage over the span of the scheme selection. The flat car is adapted to the harsh working conditions of lifting metallurgy with a simple and reliable flat car structure, economic price, convenient track construction and maintenance. The steel structure of the flat car is based on the principle of the crane, and all of them are adopted the structure of the box beam, and the box structure is designed according to the principle of the box beam of the crane combined with the standard of the flat car. It is easy to inspect and repair, easy to dismantle and assemble, has a strong load-bearing capacity and a long service life.

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