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What you have to know about the wheels of an electric flatbed truck


What you have to know about the wheels of an electric flatbed truck

        The manufacturer of track heavy handling equipment said that when transporting large workpieces, due to the high workpieces, the height of the flat car will be reduced as much as possible to ensure the stability and safety of operation. When transporting long steel plates, the handling work of rack heavy handling equipment is to use one or two flat cars to share long steel plates. During this period, the two flatbed trucks shall be kept synchronized for smooth transportation to the destination. The size of the rail wheel is mainly determined by the wheel pressure. If the wheel set pressure increases, the diameter will become larger, but if it is too large, the equipment cost will be increased. At the same time, the speed of the wheel will become lower and the transmission mechanism is complex. Therefore, when the diameter cannot be increased, the number of wheels is usually increased to reduce the wheel pressure of the wheel. In order to make each wheel pressure evenly distributed, when the number of wheels exceeds four, the articulated balance frame device must be used. Track wheel material, mechanical transmission speed exceeding 30m / min.

Generally, the electric transfer trolley wheel of the rail car manufacturer adopts the steel casting machine to insulate the wheel. It can work in the high temperature environment and run on the S-type steering track. At the same time, it can be equipped with hydraulic device. It has simple structure, strong bearing capacity and small table deformation. It is a safe model in the electric transfer trolley. This series of electric flat cars have unlimited working time, high use frequency and can be started and stopped frequently. DC brush motor or DC brushless motor can be selected, and stepless speed regulation device can also be added.

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