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How do I order an explosion-proof rail flat car?


 How do I order an explosion-proof rail flat car

To buy a general track flat car, we only need to consider the weight of the car, the size of the environment we use, the material used in the car, etc. Today we will introduce a track flat car that can be used in an explosion-proof environment.

steerable trackless transfer carts

First, you need to put the track electric flat car planned, the weight of the goods or items carried, the size of the surface of the electric platform (of course, if you provide the specifications, size, shape and other information of the goods or items to the seller), he can help you better design the appearance and size of the car, which can reduce your budget
Second, you have to ask about the speed of the car and the track gauge you need.

Third, it is necessary to know the power supply mode of the rail car, the limit of the slope that can be climbed, and whether there are special requirements (such as explosion-proof requirements, waterproof requirements, anti-corrosion requirements, cold resistance, high temperature, etc.).
Fourth, when the final transaction is completed, it is necessary to look in detail whether the final drawings are the same as the track flat car in their hearts, and see the qualifications and technical team of the manufacturer.

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