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Principle and structure of electric rail turntable?


 Principle and structure of electric rail turntable? 

Rail car product introduction:
Is a kind of equipment to achieve track flat car in situ turning and commutation, installed in the position where two tracks intersect, its countertop laying one or more tracks, the surface of the track and the surface of the track on the ground are flush, the gauge is consistent with the gauge of the ground, the flat car completely runs to the turntable to stop, the turntable starts to rotate to the desired angle to complete the docking with the ground track, and the flat car starts running along the track after the docking to the desired position. Its special function is a common device in rail transport systems. The weight of the trolley is the load capacity of the matching turntable, and the rotation angle of the turntable can be set according to the different needs of the customer, which can achieve 360 degrees of any angle stop, and can also realize the well-type cross operation.
Technical requirements for electric turntables for electric flat car turning

steerable trackless transfer carts

1. Equipment structure: The electric turntable is composed of a frame, a rotary table, a drive device, a control box, etc. The body configuration guide rail is composed of a rotary configuration and a work surface professionally produced by Leading New Led, which can be rotated for 90o. It has the characteristics of flexible rotation, rapid response, safe and reliable performance. The docking of the electric turntable track realizes automatic deceleration control through the frequency conversion governor, and is equipped with an electronically controlled safety limit device between the two positions of 90o to ensure that the positioning is accurate when the rotary table rotates, so that the body guide rail and the ground rail are well aligned; Auxiliary support wheels are provided under the rotary table to ensure the safety and smoothness of the rotating table.
2. The electric rail turntable generally adopts the plate frame structure, which is composed of longitudinal beams, beams and steel plates, and the "#" skeleton plate structure, and the platform surface is laid with steel plates, and the profiles and steel plates used meet the corresponding standards.

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