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What are the regulations for tram electric flatbeds?


 What are the regulations for tram electric flatbeds

"The rail electric flatbed truck, also called others, also called electric flatbed, is an electric flatbed truck that is professionally used for practical operation on the guide rail. Suitable for the delivery of ultra-heavy, irregular goods or industrial equipment. For electric flatbeds, it is necessary to meet the following requirements: CCC, China Electric Flatbed Vehicle Testing Standards and JB/T6127 "People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standards - Technical Conditions for Electric Flat Cars" and so on.

automatic cart

This product can bear 1-200 tons of goods, more than 200 tons, 2,500 tons, double-carousel wheel spacing 435mm. The rail electric flatbed truck independently developed by everyone has two kinds of operation methods, one is long-distance practical operation, and the other is the actual operation by pressing the car function key. It's all like that, but remote control can be safer and more convenient. 24 hours a day without interruption, six days need to be repaired and overhauled, so it can greatly increase its service life.

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