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What is AGV


AGV, the abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle, means automatic guided transport vehicle, refers to the transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices, can travel along the prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and a variety of load shifting functions, AGV belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robots.

 AGV intelligent trackless electric flat car is a kind of lithium battery as a power supply, motor reducer as a drive system, solid rubber wheels directly on the ground to walk the transfer car, its operation is not restricted, imported wheels to protect the ground from damage, 360° in situ turn to adapt to small space operation, 360 degree multi-directional protection, automatic stop in case of people and other functions, The security problem in operation is solved. Touch screen, rocker operation and other design make the operation more user-friendly. The function of fully automated unmanned operation makes it more intelligent and becomes a product of the Industry 4.0 era. Adapt to climbing, explosion-proof, dust and other occasions, the birth of 150T large load, making it an important position in the workshop handling equipment, has become a substitute name for "quality"!

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