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Trailing Cable Powered Transfer Cart Export


 Congratulations on the export of one of PERFECT's trailing cable powered transfer car to Russia! This marks a new breakthrough and recognition of the mechanical handling equipment manufactured by our company in the international market.


Trailing cable powered transfer cart is an efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient logistics equipment, suitable for various industrial production, heavy lifting and other links. The equipment supplies power to the transport car through the trailing cable, thus solving the demand for power during the driving of the vehicle, and improving the efficiency and convenience of logistics transportation.


The trailing cable powered transfer cart exported to Russia is one of the excellent products manufactured by PERFECT Company, with the advantages of high quality, high performance and high safety. It is believed that with the help of this equipment, the transportation of heavy objects in the company of Russia will be more efficient and convenient, contributing to the development of the company.


Congratulations again on the export of the Chinese-made trailing cable powered transfer car to Russia! It is expected that more excellent products made in China will achieve new breakthroughs and recognition in the international market in the future.

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