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What are the Common Faults and Solutions of Electric Transfer Cart?


 Firstly, the electric transfer cart temperature is too high:

1. Overload use: overload will cause the electric flat car to heat and burn, so the load of the flat car needs to be used within the rated load range.

2. Electric flat car bearing damage: need to replace the electric flat car bearing.

3. No working system: When used, the working system of the electric flat car should be strictly observed.


Secondly, When handling heavy objects, you can not start again after stopping:

1. The system voltage is too low or the fluctuation is too large: wait for the electric flat car voltage to return to normal before starting.

2. Electric flat car lack of phase: check the number of power supply phases.

Third, electric flat car brake failure:

1. Whether the brake, brake belt or brake fluid is damaged or leaking: timely repair or replacement.

Fourth, electric flat car noise fault:

1. Electrical cabinet failure: When the current connector fails or some contacts are aging, the current sound will be generated, which can be replaced or re-strengthened to eliminate.

2. Electric gear failure: Suspend the machine to check whether the electric flat car gear is running abnormally, whether the outer surface of the gear is damaged, and whether the central axis is out of position. When the gear fault is not dealt with, the electric flat car cannot be used.

3. Reducer failure: turn off the machine and check whether the internal contact point of the machine has lubricating oil. If the lubricating oil is insufficient or turns black, it needs to be replaced or refueled. If this happens for a long time, the gear and tooth surface will be excessive wear and damage.

Lastly, Control failure

If the controller is faulty or the line contacts, first check whether the controller and the line are working normally. If there is an anomaly, repair or replace the damaged parts in time.
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