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5T AGV Export Australia


 This case design is a load of 5 tons of magnetic stripe navigation lifting AGV, the vehicle size 2000*1000mm can lift 200mm AGV uses magnetic navigation guidance mode, and the magnetic navigation sensor is installed under the AGV. The sensor has compact structure, simple use, wide navigation range, high navigation accuracy, high sensitivity and good anti-interference. 


    Our company's magnetic navigation sensor has the function of magnetic bar and magnetic stripe. After the final path is determined, the RFID card is buried under the magnetic strip to avoid being crushed by logistics tools such as forklifts; The magnetic strip is covered with warning tape to remind and protect. In the place where forklift trucks frequently enter and exit, the magnetic strip is covered with American protective tape to prevent damage to the magnetic strip.

    The central intelligent logistics robot control system is adopted, and the AGV scheduling management system adopts centralized scheduling management mode for AGV. After receiving the transportation task issued by the production management system or the instruction issued by the caller, the console automatically assigns tasks according to the working status and operation of the AGV, and transmits the commands and tasks to the selected AGV through the communication system. The selected AGV completes the task according to the command of the console, and when the task is completed, the AGV notifies the console of the completion of the task and returns to the standby position to wait for the next task.
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