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Transfer vehicle rail with truck turntables


Transfer vehicle rail with truck turntables

Truck Turntables are used for transfer vehicle rail truck assemblies from a service track to other tracks within a maintenance facility.
Transfer vehicle rail with truck turntables bearing design of the truck turntable rotates the truck assemblies smoothly and provides an extended wear life over turntables that utilize a track and wheels for rotation. 
Transfer vehicle rail with truck turntables is capable of supporting the full cross-over load from a transit vehicle or locomotive.Truck Turntables are available in manual rotationing configurations as well as fully-powered motorized versions with automatic locking systems.Turntables can also be equipped with negative return bonding cables and slip ring units to allow full rotation while maintaining the negative return bond circuit path.fully assembles and tests all equipment at our facility prior to shipping to reduce onsite installation time and ensure that the transfer vehicle rail with truck turntables will function as specified once installed.

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