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Track car anti rollover device


 Track car anti rollover device

Technical field
The track car anti rollover device belongs to the technical field of a rollover prevention device, in particular to a rollover prevention device for a trackwork vehicle.
Background technique
In the operation area where the track is laid, it is necessary to carry the construction machine to the site for the operation near the track.
Set used on track car anti rollover device. However, during the operation of the construction machinery, the entire center of gravity of the equipment is constantly changing to ensure normal work.
For the status, rollover prevention is required.

Summary of the Invention
The technical problem solved by the track car anti rollover device is to provide a simple, safe and reliable anti-rollover construction for a railroad engineering vehicle.
The utility model adopts the following technical solutions to solve the above technical problems, and the utility model discloses an anti-rollover device for a railroad engineering vehicle.The track car anti rollover deviceis fixed on the track by the wheels of the flat car, and U-shaped openings that are open to the outside are respectively fixed on the outer sides of the tracks.Wheel grooves, supporting frames are respectively fixed on both sides of the frame of the electric flat car, and bottoms of the supporting ribs are respectively fixed with U-shaped wheels.The groove is opposite to the wheel axle, and the end of the wheel axle is provided with a running wheel embedded in the U-shaped wheel groove and rollingly matched with the U-shaped wheel groove.

Compared with the track car, the utility model has the advantages of no need of counterweight, multi-directional rollover prevention, simple structure, and safety and reliability.

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